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It deals with all aspects of setting up a guitar to play better. If your guitar doesn't feel right, sound good or play well this is the book for you. Simple easy instructions are included together with illustrations. How to tune your guitar by ear is explained in detail with a guide that will work with even the tone deaf! Be able to tune your guitar to recordings, other instruments and to itself. A check list is given to help diagnose and solve tuning problems and answers the question 'why does my guitar go out of tune?' Set up your pickups and get the best and loudest sound possible. Set your guitar up so that it suits your ability, style and comfort. Save time and money on having to get a professional to do it. There is even a section on the mysteries of the truss rod which will give you confidence to even tackle this thorny issue. This book is an ideal addition for anybody who has been given a guitar as a present. It will give an insight into the workings of the guitar right from the start.


Setting up a Guitar DVD


Setting up a guitar is one of the most important things that you can do. This will make your instrument play better and sound better. You can do this yourself with just a minimum number of tools. Remember, you are setting up a guitar for your own playing and sound tastes. If you get somebody else to do it, they will only be setting up a guitar to suit what they think is best. You need to learn how to set up a guitar and how to set up an electric guitar. There are tricks and tips on even such things as how to restring guitar and restringing an electric guitar.

This DVD includes sections on the following important tasks on how to set up a guitar, how to set up electric guitar and guitar adjustment

  • How to restring an acoustic guitar
  • How to restring an electric guitar
  • Adjusting guitar action
  • Guitar string height
  • Setting guitar intonation
  • Acoustic guitar set up
  • Electric guitar set up
  • Electric guitar action
  • Adjusting pick up height
  • Pole piece adjustments
  • Servicing electric guitar controls
  • Servicing guitar sockets
  • Guitar neck adjustment
  • Truss rod adjustment
  • Cleaning strings
  • Changing gauge of strings
  • Hot tips
  • Sticking strings
  • Checking neck profile
  • Removing strings
  • Stopping strings slipping
  • tuning electric guitar

If you don't fancy a DVD on setting up a guitar and prefer books then check out the Guitar Maintenance books section. There is now a range of books on setting up a guitar availlable for the Amazon Kindle. These deal with all of the usual things like Guitar Action and Settings , Solving Guitar Intonation Problems and generally looking after your guitar. Some have special sections for dealing with Fender Strat problems such as adjusting pickups and floating tremolo systems.


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